One of our first tasks as new owners of Lowlife of London is to review the many styles we have on offer and focus on what our Lowlifes want to wear.

We’ve started by segmenting the current offering of styles into these groups:


By far our largest range and most popular belts are the studs. The Triple S and Armor belts are top of the list of favourites, each with a triple row of studs and available in a wide range of colours. Studded belts like these makes a definite statement to a plain pair of jeans and tee shirt and can be the finishing touch or talking piece to your look. Whether your roots lie in rock music, you have a passion for tattoos, or live to ride, these studded belts cross all three genres.


Add some humour, state your allegiance, or make a colourful statement with one of our printed belts. You can go full-on loud with the Adder Leopard print belt – a touch of animal print for the brave consumer, or play it down a little with the Ash wood grain print belt.
These belts not only look good but they are also great value for money. A belt such as the Game Over Lowlife belt will please any fan of retro computer games or if you are buying a gift for someone that is passionate about music, then the Thrash belt with a guitar pick print would be a sure-fire hit.


The classic range encompasses our staples: if you are a loyal fan of Lowlife but wish to play it down for every day wear, something like the Clyde perforated leather belt is ideal.
Our classic belts are available in a range of muted colours (with a little touch of blue thrown in) to suit smart trousers or denims. But, don’t worry, all the belts still feature the Lowlife lightning metal badge branding, so you won’t forget which brand you are wearing.


If classic heavy metal is your style then we’ve got some amazing collab belts from big rock bands such as Iron Maiden and Motorhead.
With classic Eddy artwork that any Iron Maiden fan will instantly recognise, the Iron Maiden Cover Stud belt is a design that remains constant in our collection.
If you prefer the sounds of Motorhead, then we’ve a choice of two belts: the Warpig or Wings designs.
Taking a different direction, the SWYD belt is a collab between Matt Pritchard of Dirty Sanchez (a stunt and prank TV series from the Noughties), who owns the infamous tattoo and barber shop in Cardiff, Wales. This controversial wild boy knows how to party!
Are there any collabs you would be interested in wearing? Shoot us a message with your suggestions.