Where's Wallet?

Forgive the terrible pun, we're just so excited here at Lowlife HQ. The new Lowlife wallet is the start of the next chapter of Lowlifes story. We always have one eye on the future and look forward to sharing some more exciting news with you in the not too distant future. But I digress...


Lowlife Classic Wallet


Sometimes less is more. That's why we went with a classic style on the Lowlife wallet. It's clean outer design is punctuated only by a small, metal Lowlife logo in the bottom right corner. Open up the wallet and you'll find a subtly embossed Lowlife logo on the zip coin compartment. A small twist on tradition are the slanted card slots rather than the traditional straight ones. It's a small difference, but an important one. This isn't just another wallet, this is a Lowlife wallet.