Whilst you’ve been busy munching on mince pies and spending your money in the January sales, there have been some major changes here at Lowlife of London head quarters.

Lowlife of London has new owners at the helm. We’ve been handed the baton by the previous owners in Port Talbot and are now pushing full steam ahead, bursting with new ideas and plans to make Lowlife go from strength to strength. Located just outside London in Kent, our team are busy making improvements to keep our existing Lowlifes happy and introduce new customers to this exciting belt brand.

One of our first hurdles was to relocate the stock from Wales to Kent and that meant unloading an artic lorry-full of belts. Believe me, that was heavy work! We’ve got them all safe and sound now and organised in a fool-proof and precise manner, just the way the slave driver manager likes it.

Since then we’ve been beavering away with a brand new platform for Lowlife of London. The new website will bring with it loads of improvements, including an account log in, the ability to filter and sort products per style, price, size and many more.

We like to think we’ve got the website looking pretty neat, however we want to know what you think! We welcome any customer feedback – good or bad. If there’s a feature you are longing to see then whiz over an email to our customer service team and we will see what we can do. Or, if you’ve got any exciting lifestyle images or news that you would like to share with us then we eagerly await to read it. We want to get to know you.