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We are proud to say we’ve been in this game since 2001. We’ve seen fashion trends come and go, different music dominate the scene and new more experimental, edgy styles come to the forefront. We embrace the alternative and our belt designs show that. We have a range of designs including collaborations with Iron Maiden, Motorhead, and SWYD. We're always on the lookout for more collaborations like this as well as new designs. This places use in a rather unique position to offer belts & accessories to a target audience, but with the collaborations and our awesome designs we boraden our appeal. 

If you would like to become a stockist please call the number below or visit out contact page.

01634 731304


FreestyleXtreme - Online shop for extreme sports fans of Motor Cross, Mountain Bikes, Snow Boarding and Skate.

"FreestyleXtreme is a family-run business of riders, racers and action-sports fans. The sports, brands and products you see represented on are there because we love them."

Saltrock - Outdoor, beach and surf shops based all over the South West of England.

"We're passionate about having the freedom to express ourselves and we surf till the sun goes down."

Sweet80 - Online shop dedicated to Skate and Urban lifestyles.

"Altskate aim to push the niche brands. The guys who do what they do for the love of creating something exceptional rather than looking at a balance sheet."


 " Hardcloud is 10 years old and still going strong. We are true to our boarding roots and represent an eclectic mix of must have brands. Lets #StayAhead "